Maybe you are a planner at heart and want to plan your whole trip but would like recommendations from travel pros. We have discovered many places through recommendations. It allows you to get ideas about where to stay, places to visit, where to eat and more.


You will most likely spend 30+ hours planning your trip and may want some recommendations on things to see (new and the tried and true), new and upcoming restaurants, places to stay, tours, etc. By using our travel knowledge, experience and connections we can provide recommendations to either help you get started or fill in gaps. 

Before we make recommendations we will consider things such as:

  • What kind of vibe are you looking for on this trip?
  • Your and your travel companions general interests and hobbies.
  • How do you envision spending your days/evenings?
  • What food experience are you looking for?
  • Anything you currently have planned.

And we may recommend things like:

  • Sites to see
  • Restaurants
  • Tours
  • Locals Recommendations
  • Accommodations
  • We can also answer questions about visas, currency, local culture, and more.

How It Works:

  • Complete our contact form, enter ‘recommendations’ in the subject line and and fill out as much information as you can. Including a brief message with a few details regarding your trip and what kind of recommendations you are looking for.
  • After reviewing your information we email you with options for a 20 minute call where we can get a better idea of what recommendations you are looking for.

Once we’ve completed our call, within one week we will send you a document with recommendations. If you need any clarification or have questions about our recommendations, we offer a one time follow-up via email as part of your session. Payment will be due after the call but before we send the recommendations document.

If you have any further questions before booking our services, drop us a line at

Recommendations Only Session: $25 per destination

What’s Not Included: It’s important to note that this is a travel recommendations offering without bookings. If you decide you would like us to assist with your bookings please see our bookings page.

Please note, we are not available for assistance during your trip or in case of emergencies if you have not used our booking services.

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