Visiting the stunning Blue Lagoon is one of the top activities when in Malta.  Once you see its breathtaking crystal-clear waters and impressive limestone backdrops you’ll understand why. We recently took the Comino Island: Blue and Crystal Lagoon Tour by Sea Adventure Excursions and highly recommend it.  They have been family run for over 25 years and provide daily boat trips and charters around Malta.  Their goal is “to provide quality run tours, on quality vessels.”  Based on our tour we would say they are more than meeting their goal.  

Our tour left from St. Paul’s Bay aboard the SEA Adventure.  The SEA Adventure has three decks (below water deck, middle covered deck, and a sundeck with cushioned sun loungers). It also features water slides (a large and small), platforms to jump from, a bar and an affordable café.  PRO TIPS: There are limited sun loungers.  We recommend you get to the dock at least one hour before departure to secure your sun loungers otherwise you will have a basic seat.   Towels are not provided and not available for rent.

After departing we cruised for 1 hour along the coast, passing St. Paul’s Island, St. Paul’s statue, other landmarks and a sea cave.  While we sailed they provided information in various languages about the landmarks.  FUN FACT:  English and Maltese are the official languages of Malta.   PRO TIP:  There isn’t much time for pictures at the caves.  If you want a chance of catching a pic we suggest you go toward the front of the boat when they announce they are approaching a cave.

Once we arrived at the Blue Lagoon we had a few options.  One, we could stay onboard soaking up the sun, using the boat as a base.  Two, we could use the slides or jump from one of the platforms and swim.  Three, we could walk ashore from the boat.  Four, we could do all of the above.  In addition, if you don’t want to get off right away you can stay on while the boat drops off passengers at Gozo Island and immediately returns to the Blue Lagoon. 

We wanted to experience it all.  We started by staying on the boat while we docked for an hour at the Blue Lagoon and then cruised over to Gozo and back.  Then we conjured up the nerve to jump off a platform into the chilly water (which also had some non-lethal jellyfish) of the Blue Lagoon and swam a bit.  After drying off and applying some more sunscreen we walked off the boat onto shore.  On shore you can also purchase food and drinks at reasonable prices.  We took this opportunity to delight in a slushie with alcohol and explore the small island.  We wandered taking in the beautiful blue water, sandy beach, the umbrellas dotted along the limestone cliffs, boats cruising in and out, and people frolicking in the water without a care in the world.  We then headed back onto the boat to eat and sunbath a bit more. FUN FACT:  There are no urban areas or cars on the island of Comino.. PRO TIP: The ground is uneven on the island. If you have stability issues please have some type of support to help you get around.

After our time at the Blue Lagoon, the boat headed back to Gozo to pick up the other passengers.  From there we headed to the Crystal Lagoon for 1 hour of swimming (no jellyfish this time).  The Crystal Lagoon is just as the name suggests, a crystal-clear water bay that is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, paddle boarding, canoeing and cave exploring.  We jumped from the platform again into warmer water and swam into the sea cave.  Laughter and joy were had by both kids and adults who took turns on the big slide.

We finished up at the Crystal Lagoon and cruised for 1 hour back to St. Paul’s Bay.  On the way back there was more information shared in various languages about landmarks, fisheries, and Malta. 

It’s important to note that there are two options for this tour:

  • The Blue Lagoon:  If you choose this option you will have 4 hours at the lagoon and 1 hour at the Crystal Lagoon.
  • The Blue Lagoon and Gozo:  If you choose this option you will have 1 hour at The Blue Lagoon, 3 hours on Gozo Island, and 1 hour at the Crystal Lagoon.  With this option you can also purchase two different types of bus tickets to explore Gozo.  Pay 5€ per person when you board the boat and choose which bus.
  • With either option you can also add on a speed boat tour of the caves that departs from The Blue Lagoon. Pay 15€ per person when you board the boat.
  • The Crystal Lagoon is only visited from June – October and is weather dependent.

Regardless of which option you choose it will be a fun filled day with a crew that is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.   It might just end up being the most memorable part of your trip.

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