We LOVE to Travel and have planned so many trips we have lost count. We often go through old photos and say “oh yeah I forgot about that”. We are travel buffs and have become the go to people for travel advice for our family, friends and colleagues. After years of planning trips for both leisure and business, we wanted to use our knowledge to help others, like yourself, have unforgettable trips.

Why? We believe travel is good for the soul, we believe it is an investment in yourself, and we believe as Mark Twain once wrote “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” And because it breaks our hearts to see people spend 30+ hours planning their trip and end up being disappointed because one doesn’t know what one doesn’t know.

Our mission at Traplanz is to partner with you and help you globetrot for life. We believe travel is personal and your travel plans should match your travel style and personality. So for us the most important part is getting to know you. We want to provide you with itineraries fit to your travel style, personality and goals. Not a copy and paste from the travels of others or the top ten sites/restaurants/activities listed on the internet.  

As travel planners we can help you with booking the basics but can add-on a customized detailed itinerary.  We start by getting to know you. Then what kind of trip you are looking to have, what is important to you, budget, and more.  You then decide if assistance with bookings is enough or if you would prefer additional recommendations or a customized detailed itinerary.

We currently live in Portugal but have lived in Italy and hail from the USA. Together we have explored 3 continents, 30 countries and 39 states in the USA, plus Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico. We help you save time by using our 20 plus years of travel experience, destination knowledge, locals we know (to keep up to date on the current scene), and years of traveling to countless cities and countries around the world.

Let’s get to Globetrotting!

Our Travel Planning Services

We want to help you plan that trip you have been dreaming of. Turning your dream into reality and Moments Into Memories!

Love Letters from Clients

Thank you Traplanz! The information, links, and suggestions were all so useful in making our trip to Paris amazing! We were not off the plane, but 30 minutes when the information you provided on the taxi stand was spot on. Our Normandy day trip was a life highlight for us all and the links and locations you provided were perfect. It was a trip we will never forget. We would highly recommend your services and look forward to our next adventure and your direction. – Cynthia

When you consult with Shelly and Joric for your travel plans, you get the truest definition of “personal touch”. They learn about you and your preferences and then do proper research to take you off the beaten path. They don’t just go to Google or Yelp and find the best rated places. They will give you the name of a restaurant you wouldn’t find and speak with the owner or waiter to make sure you are well taken care of! Case in point: We asked for local eateries in Florence (Firenze) Italy. They recommended Francesco Vini and to order the Bistecca alla Fiorentina. They knew the menu, when to go, and who to speak with at the restaurant for the best experience. When in Rome, do as Joric and Shelly do! On their recommendation, we met up with them at Bistrot al Pantheon Di Rienzo. It felt like we walked into Cinzia’s home between her generosity and Luigi’s impeccable service! The family feel was palpable. The staff even gave us the nickname of “Arizona 2” since the McCleans are “Arizona 1”! It became such a staple of our time in Italy we went back several times for the food and the feel! Saluti! We highly recommend you use their services for your trip of a lifetime. – Darrick and Ashley

I have been working with Shelly and Joric from Traplanz before they officially launched. They are the most organized and well traveled people I know. Shelly is super insightful and realistic when it comes to travel. She thinks of every small detail especially things that most wouldn’t. For example nap or down time and coffee breaks. Joric is analytical and provides great content and history about landmarks and “fun facts”. They are a dynamic duo and I now reach out every time I plan on traveling for recommendations and suggestions. They are an amazing team and as always a pleasure to work with! Highly recommend. – Emina

When I decided to surprise my friend in Italy and join her on a Tuscany Tour I wanted to spend a few days alone in Rome first. The wonderful folks at Traplanz were most helpful with recommendations for everything from the airport transfers to accommodations to sightseeing to the best places for that delicious Italian food, coffee, and wine! Throw in a recommendation for a lovely purse shop for a “souvenir” and everything was perfect – after all – who doesn’t love an Italian leather purse! With their assistance, I not only saved time scouring the Internet on all things Rome but I also had peace of mind with recommendations coming from their first-hand experience in Italy. Shelly and Joric – many thanks for making my trip to Rome extra special – your passion, enthusiasm, and love for Italy and all things travel definitely shows! I look forward to another visit to Rome and your assistance to hit more hidden gems and recommended tourist highlights! 😉 Grazie e Saluti 🥂😘p.s. love the travel tips on your web site! – Tammy

I had a fantastic time in Lisbon, Portugal and the main reason is that I got the pleasure to work with Traplanz. I received a custom made itinerary and they asked me beforehand what I would like to see and visit so that their recommendations were catered to me perfectly. I feel that I really got to indulge in the local flavour, with all Lisbon has to offer. Traplanz is really easy to work with and their professionalism, speedy response rate and overall attitude cannot be matched. I am definitely going to approach them again for my next travel adventures.- Jessica