Together we have traveled for leisure and business to 3 continents, 20 countries and 39 states in the USA plus Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico. We have lived in multiple countries and are looking to add a few more to that list. We have seen travel change a lot over the last 20-30 years, especially the last few years due to the pandemic. We stay on top of changing requirements and cultural norms/trends to help our travel planning clients know what to expect. We love understanding different cultures, the local scene, up and coming trends, the oldie but goodies (why an attraction became an attraction), new restaurants, tried and true restaurants and all the wonderful things that come with experiencing a city.

At Traplanz we want to share the travel tips and tricks we have learned over years of traveling and living both in the United States and Internationally. Answering questions such as is Packing Like a Pro, Is Global Entry Worth It, What things do I need to consider for International Travel and much more. We also learn as we travel so expect this section to grow.