This option is for those of you who enjoy planning and have the majority or all of your trip planned but would like a travel expert (a second set of eyes with travel knowledge and experience) to review your itinerary and make recommendations.

This is great if you are concerned that you haven’t maximized your time or tried to squeeze in too many activities. Maybe you need help understanding how much time to spend at each attraction, how long it takes to get to the next activity and/or wait times. Maybe you left something important out. Maybe you aren’t aware that a restaurant requires reservations or if it doesn’t take them how to get a table. Or maybe there is a spot only the locals know about that may be of interest to you.

Our itinerary review consultation allows us, experienced travelers both on and off the beaten path, to review your proposed itinerary and work with you to fill in gaps; make suggestions on moving things around based on time; or swap out some itinerary items for others. All with the goal of setting you up for the best trip possible by maximizing your time and money.


Most people spend at least 30 hours planning a trip and still feel a bit unsure if it checks all the boxes. By using our travel knowledge, experience and connections we can help fill in gaps, recommend staying in a different area, and much more.

When we review your itinerary, we will be considering things such as:

  • Have you organized your travel destinations to get the most out of your time and achieve your travel goals?
  • Are you packing too much into your days and risk traveling at a frantic pace? Or not allowing enough time between activities.
  • Are your selected accommodations in the right location(s) for your activities and in good standing?
  • How can we enhance your itinerary so that you have the trip you are imagining?

And we may recommend things like:

  • Filling in any major gaps in your itinerary or seeing if you need some downtime
  • The most efficient travel routes and what transportation to use
  • Locals Recommendations
  • Understanding when to arrive, wait times, best days/times to visit certain attractions
  • Activities that may be of interest, but are missing from your itinerary

How It Works:

  • Complete our contact form, enter ‘itinerary review’ in the subject line and complete as much of the form as you can. Include a brief message with details regarding your trip and what travel goals you have. Please attach a copy of your current itinerary or send it to
  • Next we will contact you to arrange a 30 minute call to further review your current itinerary, goals and what you may need help with.

Once we’ve completed our call, within two weeks we will send you a detailed itinerary review document with recommendations and suggested modifications that would make your trip extra wonderful and allow for a comfortable flow. If you need any clarification or have questions about our recommendations, we offer a one time follow-up via email as part of your review. Payment will be due after the call but before we send the itinerary review document.

If you have any further questions before booking our services, drop us a line at

Peace of Mind Itinerary Review:

  • $25 per day (great if you only need help with specific days of your trip)
  • $150 for one week
  • $250 for two weeks

Custom quote for trips greater than 2 weeks.

What’s Not Included: It’s important to note that this is a travel itinerary review offering without bookings. If you decide you would like us to assist with your bookings please see our bookings page.

Please note, we are not available for assistance during your trip or in case of emergencies if you have not used our booking services.

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