Lindos Beach

The Greek Island of Rhodes is steeped with historical significance. It was where the Colossus of Rhodes stood boldly in Rhodes harbor. It is where the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem ruled for over 200 years. As you travel along the western shores of the island,  the Acropolis of Lindos comes into view. It is said Lindos, Greece was founded around 10th Century BC. After a slow trek from the parking lot, you enter a small village under the acropolis, seemingly untouched by time. The smell of gyros wafts through the air. Donkeys continuously take tourists up the steps to the acropolis and back. The narrow jagged lanes are loaded with jewelers, clothing shops and pottery stores for every budget. Greek food of every type line each street. Although a village, it will take you a couple of hours to explore Lindos. It can be very busy in the summer time, so patience is required when venturing into a packed retail shop, or waiting for your food. Lindos is worth the wait.

Elena a lovely local from Lindos

While traveling, Shelly has a need to meet and connect with locals. It’s the people who define what culture exists in their part of the world. She has a yearning to connect with other cultures. To learn and understand what traditions and stories are kept and preserved for future generations. On this trip we met Elena. Walking past many shops, Shelly was drawn down a small cobblestone street. It looked like a residence, but with trinkets outside for sale. Elena, was snapping peas when we walked by and she said, “Please go inside, it is our family home, a museum.” It was her grandmother’s home and preserved as a Traditional Lindian House. Family photos lined the walls, with with furniture, linens and other mementos tastefully rounding out the decor. The kitchen was located outside the home, in a separate room. Elena’s small garden was rich was herbs, tomatoes and fruit trees. Most people glanced down the street towards us and kept walking. They had not idea what treasure was only steps away. We asked Elena questions. We listened to her stories. We took a genuine interest in getting to know her and her family. We purchased a plate and made a donation to the museum. Shelly asked for a photo, and reserved at first, Elena agreed. Then, she asked us to sit. Within minutes, she came back from her garden with some freshly cut herbs, and some oranges with a delicious syrup for us to eat. As more people quickly viewed Elena’s property and left, we were able to enjoy a her dessert and watching her snap more peas before leaving. Over the course of 30 minutes, Elena opened her heart to us, continuing the rich tradition of hospitality from those who call Lindos home.


The Acropolis of Lindos is more impressive than what exists in Rhodes, and frankly, it rivals what one may see in Athens. Remnants of the Temple of Athen Lindia date back to 300 B.C.The remaining structures give you a sense of how massive this acropolis was. Several original columns still exist. You may even find your fingertips tracing the greek inscriptions found on many of the ruins. It is easy to imagine what this place looked like thousands of years ago. It will take an average person about 45 minutes is explore the acropolis.. Numerous vantage points offer exceptional views of Lindos and the bays below. The best viewpoint highlights St. Paul’s Bay. One look, and the bay will draw you in.

St. Paul’s Bay

St. Paul’s Bay is a 15 minute walk from the acropolis. One trail will take you to the entrance, lined with cabanas and a tiny bar serving cold beer and soft drinks. The bay water is a soothing turquoise, crystal clear and almost no waves. It is a perfect place to spend an afternoon, basking in the sun while enjoying the occasional swim or sipping a drink. In teh summer, cabanas have to be secured early, by 10am. There is some room between the rocks to lay towels or personal items down before a swim.

St. Paul’s Bay Dmitri’s Cafe

Dmitri’s Tavern is located next to the cabanas, and offers a magnificent setting for a cold drink. The area is shaded and welcoming. After soaking up the sun, a cool refreshing beer or cocktail in the shade is desired. You can relax and people watch, before going back into the sun or water. There may not be a better place to enjoy a few hours in the Greek sun than St. Paul’s Bay and Dmitri’s Tavern. 

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