A great day starts with Breakfast

A good day starts with a solid breakfast, and a place with consistently tasty goodies is at Bloom. They have main breakfast options like Eggs Benedict, The Big Breakfast (their English Breakfast), pancakes (it took them over 100 batches to get them exactly as they wanted), healthy bowls and more. We suggest you go for the “Guilty Pleasure”, which is two churro waffles. Can anyone really argue with having churros for breakfast?

Enjoy a traditional Portuguese sandwich


As you admire Lisbon’s architecture and narrow, winding streets, you will want to take in some traditional Portuguese foods. Make your way to the Chiado for two incredible dishes. First, pop into O’Trevo. This place serves up what might be the best bifana (pork sandwich) in all of Lisbon. Eat it at the counter or do take-away. They are so good, you will go back for seconds.

Pasteis de Natas

A snack for any time of day

Your second stop in Chiado is to try a pastel de nata. This buttery, egg custard treat is made to perfection in the Portuguese capital. It is said that it is best to eat them warm, with a little bit of cinnamon and powdered sugar sprinkled on the top. Whether you add toppings or eat them plain, the best pasteis de natas are only a block away from O’Trevo. At Manteigaria, this place usually has a line, as both locals and tourists are lured by the sensational aroma. We have tried a pastel de nata at over 20 places in Lisbon, and always come back to Manteigaria.

A Foodie’s Paradise

After your bifana and pastel de nata, you may need to stretch your legs and go for a walk. From Chiado, head towards the river and make your way to Time Out Market. This culinary hotspot offers one half farmer’s market, one half foodie heaven. There are over 25 restaurants operated by some of the best chefs in Portugal. Here, you will get some of the freshest traditional seafood and meat dishes in Lisbon. If you are traveling with a family or a group, this place perfect as it has something for everyone. Oh, and there is a Manteigaria location in case you need another pastel de nata! 

Wine and Cherry Liqueur, Anyone?


After your Time Out experience, you will want to walk off that delicious food. Head to the Praca do Comercio and check out the Wine Museum. For 10 – 15 euros, you will be able to sip your way across Portugal’s extensive list of wines and wineries. It is a great location to relax and enjoy a couple of hours getting to know Portugal wine culture. When finished, step your way to the Baixa and Rossio Square, where you come upon A Ginjinha. This tiny place, with room for only 2 people at the counter, serves a sour cherry liquor called ginja. There are a few varieties of ginja in Portugal, but this place sells the original. Waiting in line, you can see the large containers of dark red liquor, filled will fermenting cherries behind the bartender. You may order your shot with or without fermented cherries. If ordering with cherries, they do tend to pack a punch, so ask for only 1 or 2 in the shot.

Portuguese Dinner Recommendations

With wine and ginja in your system, dinner comes calling, one place for seafood, and another serving piri-piri chicken.

Garlic Shrimp

If you are seeking an amazing seafood experience, head over to Cervejaria Ramiro. Noted chef Anthony Bourdain gave this place two thumbs up, and we do too. No reservations taken, there is usually a line, but it is worth it! A must try dish is the garlic shrimp, along with some Atlantic blue crab. Jump overboard and try the goose neck barnacles.  Make sure you can calculate in metric, as items are served by the kilogram. 

Piri-Piri Chicken with Fries and Spinach

Another recommendation for dinner is A simple and traditional Portuguese dish. Piri-Piri Chicken is a staple in Portugal, and one of the best places to enjoy it while people watching is Bonjardim located at Trv. de Santo Antão, 11, 1150-312. They don’t have a website and don’t take reservations.  Only a five-minute walk from A Ginjinha, there is plenty of outdoor and indoor seating. Order the Piri-Piri Chicken with French Fries. We highly recommend ordering the creamed spinach to round out the chicken and fries.

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